How To Quickly Sell Your Boise Idaho Home

How To Quickly Sell Your Boise Idaho Home

If you need to quickly sell your home, there are a couple of things that can be done to speed the process up.

The first step you need to take to prepare your house for sale is to be ready for the buyer's visit.  Visualize how you want your house to look overall and then be sure that every detail contributes to the big picture.  You want to ensure that every room in your home looks its absolute best.  The exterior and interior of the house should be in the best shape possible.


The first step you should take when it comes to preparing the interior of your home is to ensure it is completely clean.  That might sound obvious, however it is critical.  Make sure to clean all of the surfaces and perform a thorough and deep cleaning as well.

Once you have finished with the basic cleaning, organize all of the closets as well as any other storage areas that you have.  Clearing out at least half of the stuff that you have in the storage areas will help the prospective buyer imagine living in the house with all of their belongings in place and arranged the way they want them.

The next step you need to take is to depersonalize your home's decor.  Put away personal photos, trophies and collections.  This will help interested buyers not think they are just visitors in your home. 

If you have any pets, get rid of all the signs before anyone comes to view your house.  Vacuum all the fur up along with anything else that could suggest that pets are living in the house.  The day before someone is coming over to look at your house, ask someone to care for your pet.  Also hide any evidence that shows that a pet lives there.  Although you will most likely tell a new buyer that a pet lives there, there is no need to remind them of that right away.

After you have everything clutter-free and clean, do any necessary repairs.  Repair any damaged items and fill in all wall cracks and nail holes.  Fix broken floor tiles and torn window screens.  Repair leaky faucets.  Make sure that it is easy to open and close all windows and doors.  Also ensure that all the appliances in the house are in good working order.  If you feel like taking extra precautions, you can have a pre-sale inspection done on your house.  Then make the needed changes and list them on the disclosure form.  If you do this, it can encourage prospective buyers to be interested in house when you see all of the improvement that you've made.

If the walls appear dingy or old, think about painting.  However, be sure to use neutral colors.  You don't want the rooms to be too personalized because this can potentially alienate prospective buyers.  You may like orange walls with blue trim.  However, most interested buyers will not.  Also keep in mind if many changes and repairs need to be made you will need to clean again once the repairs have been completed.

After all the repairs and cleaning are complete, stage your house.  Add some decor touches that will be inviting to prospective buyers so that they are able to imagine living there.  If this step seems difficult or intimidating to you, you might want to consider hiring an expert to do the staging for you.  Your Hughes Group agent at can provide you with helpful suggestions to prepare you home and get it into great shape.  The agent can also assist you in locating a reputable home stager.  The interior of your house should be staged in a way that makes it appealing to the greatest number of people.  If you can afford it, it can definitely be worth the price to hire a professional stager to prepare your house for sale.

One last thing you need to consider before inviting interested buyers into your house is lighting.  It is a very important aspect and can help to make your home's interior is inviting and bright.  Open all of the blinds and ensure all the light bulbs in the house are working.  Each detail of your home's interior is important.  However, the exterior of your house is just important as the interior.  The landscaping should be inviting to draw potential buyers into the house.


Before you start working on the exterior of the house, first evaluate what you need to do.  Figure out what things stand out the most, and fix anything that could potentially detract from your house's appearance.

The exterior of the house is what provides prospective buyers with their first impression of your house.  This could either make someone excited about your house or they could dread going inside.  It all depends on what the exterior of your house looks like.  Make sure the yard's landscaping reflects the appeal of your house so that prospective buyers are excited to want to see more of it.

As the interested buyer is driving up to the house, curb appeal is extremely important.  A first impression often overpowers other impressions.  That is why landscaping is so important.  Be sure that your flower beds are well taken care of and that the lawn is well groomed.  Weed where necessary, add mulch and ensure that your front yard is well kept and looking its best.  The front entry way should be clean.  Remove any cobwebs and sweep.

Online Presence

After you have your house ready for prospective buyers to visit, you need to make sure your home is online.  Over 90% of interested buyers in the current housing market start looking for a house on the Internet.  Idaho's leading expert at utilizing the Internet to locate and sell great properties is Hughes Real Estate Group.  Sellers can take make use of Idaho's most visible and strongest websites to provide their homes with incredible exposure, and also get plenty of help from a technical savvy and experienced agent.  All of the rooms in your home will be photographed by your agent and posted online.

When listing your house, make sure to price it at its true value.  Do not overprice to give yourself some negotiating room.  This will turn off prospective buyers.  If you really want to get your house sold fast, list it at a price that is 15% lower than what similar homes in your area are selling for.  This will make your home really stand out.

If you have been attempting to sell your home for a few months without success, you might want to take the listing down and then re-list your house the following day.

As long as you take all of the proper steps to prepare your house for sale, the process shouldn't be nearly as complicated as you first thought.  Although there are sure to be unexpected issues come up, if you remain on your selling path, it shouldn't be too difficult to effectively and quickly sell your house.

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