Sellers Make the Most of Curb Appeal!

Sellers Make the Most of Curb Appeal!

Make the Most of Curb Appeal to Sell Your House Faster


Selling a home in a buyers market can be tricky, but with a few simple touches and by paying attention the curb appeal of the house, you can maximize your chances of making a profitable and quick sale. While it might be true of people that real beauty is on the inside, when it comes to selling a house, first impressions are very important. A well maintained facade, nice shutters, professional landscaping, mowed lawn and a few personal details can add to the value of the home immensely and help it sell much faster. 

Before you can maximize the curb appeal of your home to ready it for sale, it's important to understand what it is and how it affects the buyer. Stand back, across the street from you home and take a good long look. That view, the first impression of your house that buyers see is what is referred to as curb appeal and can make or break a sale. 

Before showing your house it's a good idea to size up and make a list of improvements that should be made to best appeal to buyers and give the house maximum value. It might be a good idea to get a friend or family member to weigh in and help you make the list, as many times familiarity can lead to blindness to little details that can greatly affect the first impression. Make a list of the best features and the worst and work to enhance the most appealing outside features of your home, and minimize the worst. 

There are many things that affect curb appeal -  -  > clutter
> The state landscape or garden
>Mold, mildew or peeling paint on the home or   roof. 
>The Roof and gutters
>Old paint or damaged siding
>Windows and shutters
>sidewalks, walkways and decks

Some homes might have other features, but in general these are some of the most common items that should be inspected and repaired for best curb appeal. 

A well landscaped front yard is a great asset, but make sure keep it low maintenance and evergreen for year long beauty. Most working families don't have time for hours of weeding, or switching out plants, so skip the perennial bed and opt instead for shrubs and small trees that will add beauty and elegance with minimal maintenance needed. 

Make sure you store all personal items such as bikes, toys, trampolines, religious images, statues, hoses or garden implements. Storing all personal items away from public view is essential when showing a home as you want the buyer to envision their family in the home, not yours. Keeping it clean and free from clutter is very important. 

Making sure your roof is clean and free from leaves or debris is a very important aspect of curb appeal. In many cases hiring a company to professionally clean your roof is the best option and can help your home look newer and more appealing. The roof is one of the most essential parts of a house, so if it looks poorly maintained or in poor repair it might scare of a potential buyers. Make sure it is free from mold, moss, leaves sticks of sediment for a new clean sturdy look. 

The entrance or landing leading into the home is also extremely important. Remove anything that detracts from the appeal of the home. Old shoes, broken pots, clutter, mildew or mold should be stored or removed for best visual appeal. 

The windows and shutters are another important visual aspect of the form of the home. Make sure the shutters are well painted or new, and there are no missing or broken shutters or windows. Cleaning all the windows inside and out is also extremely important and can give a clean tidy impression, one that is very important. 

Mold and mildew should be cleaned off of the driveway, walkways, siding, roof or other area of the house. Use a power washer to wash siding, driveways, decks and walkways to remove sediment, mildew and dirt. Be careful if the area is painted and avoid accidentally removing the paint, or, simply repaint the area once it is clean. 

Maintaining and trimming the trees is another important and often forgotten aspect of curb appeal. Trim up any dead or dying branches as well as any overhanging limbs that shade your home or driveway. Raking and disposing of leaves, branches and sticks will help the property look cared for and well maintained. 

Check walkways and driveways for any vegetation growing between bricks, rocks or slabs. This goes hand in hand with weeding between shrubs and adding fresh mulch for a clean manicured look. A mowed lawn also goes a long way towards a good first impression. 

In many cases buyers might be visiting your home in the evening due to work constraints, so adding some low voltage and decorative outdoor lighting is a good way to show off and accentuate your houses best features. It's important to make sure that any light fixtures that are visible through the windows of the home are visually appealing and enhance the appeal of the house. 

In older home it's important to make sure that the shrubs and trees aren't obscuring the homes best features. This is especially true for shrubs that are planted close to the house itself, make sure to trim down shrubs and trees to maximize columns or any other architectural features that might be obscured by foliage.  On the other hand, a well placed shrub can obscure a faucet, meter or other less appealing aspect of the house to maximize appeal. 

Selling a house in a buyers market can be challenging, but you can help make your house more attractive to potential buyers by maximizing the curb appeal. Even minor changes, such as clearing clutter, mowing the lawn and trimming the shrubs or hedges can help your home stand out from the crowd and make a quick sale. 

Because it might be difficult for you to envision what the buyer sees, it is a good idea to get a second opinion and take pictures to study and make a list of improvements you can do to help sell your house faster.

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