Simple Ideas To Make Your Home Appealing Again

Simple Ideas To Make Your Home Appealing Again

If you got bored with the look and feel of your home, you can make it appealing again by using simple tricks that won't cost you a lot of money. By simply painting your front door in a vivid color, you can change the touch of your home, while making it easy for further owners to revert back or choose other options without having to pay a lot of money on renovation works. Such upgrades are easy to do and fairly inexpensive, so you don't have to sit there and feel sad because you don't have money to make your home lovable again. Just unleash your creativity and find solutions that are easy to implement and inexpensive to get. This article will give you a few ideas, but we are positive you can come up with so much more!

1. Buy new hardware

Replacing your old hardware can be a way of making your home look more modern. Things as little as the house number, the door knobs, the mailbox or the overhead light fixture can totally change the way a house feels. Try to match them with the overall look of your house, so that you get a more powerful effect. If you have a traditional style home, for instance, you may be better off buying antique-looking bronze finishes rather than stainless steel or brushed nickel ones, which are more suitable for contemporary homes. 

Whenever possible, choose symmetrical fixtures and accents, because symmetry is pleasant to the eye and very easy to arrange.

2. Put together an instant garden

You can still setup and enjoy a beautiful garden, even if you don't have a big backyard. You could simply buy some of those ready-set containers from home and garden stores or buy some special soil and plant your favorite flowers in some big pots. Get various types of flowers, which blossom in different seasons or all year round, so that you can enjoy your beautiful corner of heaven all year round.

3. Change or renovate your mailbox

The mailbox is the first thing you see when you get in front of your house. By simply giving it a makeover, you can change the way your house feels. Such makeovers don't have to be expensive. Grab some paint and change the color of the mailbox post, for instance, or plant some colored flowers around it. 

4. Renew planter beds

If you already have a garden, you need to make sure you pull weeds whenever necessary, plant new flowers and prune your trees in order to allow them to grow in a more beautiful way. Replace or fix all elements that look old and worn out. Buy new borders, if needed, or get a more modern edging system to replace your old and outdated one.

5. Give your entry a nice makeover

It's not so complicated to make your front door stand out. A simple architectural eyeliner can do the trick. Just apply it to the sides and to the top of your doorway and you'll see how it can change the look of your facade. Such tricks are easy and cost-effective, so they make great ideas for inexpensive home makeovers.

6. Install window shutters

Window shutters can change the way a house looks, if they are chosen to create a contrast with the walls and with the landscape. Modern exterior shutters come in various colors and finishes and that can be made from wood, vinyl, aluminum or fiberglass. Shutters are not only beautiful and modern, but also useful, as they allow you to control the light inside your rooms. Besides, they can add a plus of security to your home by making the windows very difficult to access from the outside.

7. Renew old paint, trim and siding

It's a fact that the exterior of a house needs regular maintenance in order to look good. This is normal, the paint on your house walls is exposed to all sorts of weather conditions, to direct sunlight and to normal wear and tear. For maintaining a beautiful look, you need to repair all cracks or other faults as soon as you spot them. It's always easier and cheaper to fix things when they are in an incipient degradation stage, rather than wait until you have to repaint your entire house because the damage is so big that it cannot be fixed with simple operations.

You can add a bit of personality to your house by using some accents of color, special siding, trim or shingles.

8. Dress up your doorstep

A creative idea to add an accent of personality to a home is to create a permanent doormat from ceramic tiles. You can play around with colors and patterns, so that you get the desired effect.

9. Build a walkway

Walkways are romantic and welcoming. Don't go for boring concrete paths everyone chooses out of laziness. Choose stone or brick edges, use colored concrete or make the entire walkway from brick pavers. You can create a stunning effect by simply doing this makeover. 

10. Upgrade your railings

The porch railings can make the difference between an elegant and beautiful look and a sloppy one. Choose elegance and change your railings each time you notice they became degraded or worn out. When you choose new railings, always try to integrate them into the overall look of your house, so that they don't stand out in an ugly way.

11. Dress up your concrete foundation in stone veneer

Stone is beautiful, but it could be quite expensive to use it on a large scale. Nonetheless, if you choose veneers and apply them on masonry details, you can obtain a very cool-looking effect with a relatively small investment of money and effort. Natural materials are always beautiful because they fit into pretty much any type of landscape without problems. Stone is one of the best accents you can add to a house, because it resists very well in time.

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