Six Simple And Inexpensive Ways To Do A Spring Makeover For Your Boise Idaho Home

Six Simple And Inexpensive Ways To Do A Spring Makeover For Your Boise Idaho Home

When spring time arrives, most people get the urge to swap out the old and heavy clothing of winter for their light-weight and freely moving summer clothes. That same impulse drives us to brighten and clean our homes each spring. Fortunately, there are simple and inexpensive ways to celebrate the season that can be done in just a weekend. Instead of being overwhelmed, try some of these six ways to makeover your home this Spring season.

1. Lace Up Your Windows

Heavy winter curtains keep your home's interior dark and dingy. While they keep the cold air of winter out of your home, they also keep the warm breezes and sunlight out in the Spring. Take them down, clean them up, and put them into storage for the next cold winter season.

Find simple sheer curtains and lightly colored valences and panels to replace those curtains. Whites, creams, and ivory tones go with any color combinations and can be used year after year to brighten your home's interior. Change up your curtain hardware for an updated look.

2. Add Natural Scents

To add the scents of spring to your home, bring the outdoors in. Use natural pebbles, branches, and the flowers of spring to brighten your home. Store your vegetables in plain sight. Since springtime cooking calls for citrus flavors, keep brightly covered limes and lemons on your dining room table.

The season bursts with the first smells of summer's coming bounty. Use it for your decorations and surround the colors of Spring with clean white candles. Many people fill vases with colored pebbles and put them on display.

3. Reconsider The Kitchen Hardware

Simple upgrades to your kitchen cabinets go a long way. Changing the knobs on your drawers or cabinet doors makes an instant difference that really makes an eye-popping difference. It's easy to make these simple switches by starting with what you currently have.

Consider replacing your old brass hardware with some bright aluminum. Make sure that the new hardware really complements your existing look. There are charming sculptural pieces that are shaped like beehives and twigs or even charming knives and spoons. To really brighten the look, choose reflective glass knobs in a variety of shapes and sizes.

4. Clean Your Windows

The simplest fix of all is to let the sunshine in by cleaning your windows. Once you are able to see all of nature's glory, you'll revel in the amount of sunshine pouring into your home. The warm glow will enhance the look of your decorations inside.

Old newsprint works wonders at clearing away the debris on your windows. Make up a vinegar based solution and you'll get a streak-free finish. At the same time, you can remove your old storm windows and get the window screens installed.

5. The Power Of Potted Plants

Seek out interesting pots and fill them with springtime flowers. Old classics such as tulips and hydrangeas will fill your home with glorious sights and smells. Find charming old country bowls and fill them with bright yellow daffodils to set along your kitchen window sills. Ivy does wonderfully inside and can be strategically placed for additional greenery.

6. Explore Your Inner Creativity With Scissors, Paper, And Glue

Brighten up old furniture or reline your shelving in kitchen cabinets will colorful wallpaper or shelf paper. Don't be afraid to go bold. There are terrific stripes, floral patterns, and old world looks that you can use to renew your look. Best of all, they are easy on the budget and can be quickly updated.

If you don't want to use paper, get out your hot glue gun and find fabric to glue to your furniture. This technique is especially nice when you have older furniture that is darker in nature. By choosing to brighten one small area, you'll find that you get a great look without having to redo an entire room.

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